The Best Way To Find The Right Auto Insurance For You
Andrew Maness September 1, 2015


The excitement of purchasing a car is often followed by the dread of insuring it. These days it’s really easy to switch your existing coverage over to your new set of wheels, but is that always the best option? Insurance companies spend crazy amounts of money on advertising in hopes that you’ll stick with them throughout the course of vehicle ownership. Many of them offer loyalty discounts, bundle discounts, and safe driver discounts to keep you in the family.

However, just as it is smart to shop around for the best deal on a vehicle, it’s smart to shop around for insurance. The thing that sucks is, the reward for doing your due diligence isn’t a shiny new toy, but instead a piece of paper, and a bill for something that you may not ever use. Regardless of whether the time comes when your coverage saves you from going bankrupt, or simply gets you out of a minor jam, the piece of mind afforded to a person with good coverage is invaluable. You want to be sure that if a moment of need arises, your insurer is going to have your back. info graphic
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With that in mind, let me point you to this concise and thoroughly researched article from This piece takes all the guesswork out of shopping for car insurance, which in my personal experience has been the number one reason why I find the whole process overwhelming. The article is broken down into easy to understand segments that include: their methodology, what they learned, advice from experts, their reviews and their top picks.

What impressed me the most about this article is that they did not use price as a determining factor. There are far to many variable, both social and geographic, that effect premiums for it to be a effective metric. Instead, the article focuses on reliability, trustworthiness, and customer service. From there, they whittled down 175 providers to the 14 they’d recommend. Even if you’re currently happy with your auto insurance, it’s a good idea to consider your options, you might be able to get the same quality of service for a little less dough. This article will make sorting through those options about as easy as it can be and when you’re done, who knows, you might even have learned something you can pass on to your fellow man.










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