The Weekend Watchlist: 11/20
Andrew Maness November 20, 2015

Might be a bit off if we didn’t put our own content at the top of the list don’t you think? Enjoy this interview with Calvin Kim from Porsche North America, and gain some insight into the wild future of the company.

The best in the business of making automotive content for YouTube finally released the epic comparison video we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you Chris Harris and Neil Carey!

Jalopnik got to see the new Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept (S.I.S.C) early because Raph Orlove and Michael Roselli are crafty buggers.

Pure Matt Farah, raw and uncut. I love how scared the guy in the passenger seat is. This is un-intentionally one of The Smoking Tire’s funniest videos yet.

Alex Goy says hello to an Aston Martin DB9 GT for the first time, before it says goodbye to us all for the last.

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