Wallpaper Wednesday 8/25: BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon
Andrew Maness August 26, 2015

2015 BMW 328i X-Drive Sportwagon

Traditionally speaking, there are few things more American than a station wagon, but not since the last Dodge Magnum rolled off the assembly line in 2008 has there been a domestic longroof available. The Europeans on the other hand, they still love themselves a wagon. Virtually every model produced by an automaker east of the Atlantic has a wagon or hatchback variant. They don’t feel the need to lift theirs a few extra inches and call them crossovers either. Nope, they enjoy a wagon that is both functional and fun to drive, imagine that.

The majority of my favorite 5 doors are not available in the United States, but thankfully there is one that has been here awhile, and won’t likely be going anywhere. The BMW 328i xDrive may come with limited choices, no manual transmission, no rear wheel drive option, only 2 motors, but I say we’re lucky to have it at all. With the M-Sport option box ticked, it’s one of the most versatile vehicles you can drive, and it sure ain’t all bad to look at either.

Andrew Maness Head Writer

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