Jalopnik’s 10 Most Searched Vehicles
Andrew Maness August 31, 2015

Jalopnik's Most Searched Vehicles


A while back the good folks over at Jalopnik rated AutoTempest the #1 way to find used cars online. We’re incredibly grateful for the rating and the article remains our main source of referrals. To show our gratitude, and satisfy our own curiosity, we dup up data that would show us the top models searched for by people referred to our site via Jalopnik.

Frankly, we’re as surprised as you that not only is the Mazda Miata noticeably absent from the top 10, there’s no brown diesel station wagon on there either. In fact all the vehicles on this list are pretty responsible, mainstream choices. Could it be that Jalopnik readers are mature, rational people? That’s what this data would suggest, though it’s probably best to let you all draw your own conclusions.

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