The Weekend Watchlist: 11/13
Andrew Maness November 13, 2015

The best series on the Jalopnik YouTube channel keeps getting better. This week Jason Torchinsky drives one of Italy’s most legendary vehicles, the Piaggio Ape!

Occasionally I get bored with Petrolicious‘ style of videos, but then they come along with one that pulls me right back in. Like this one, featuring a Porsche 930 that has changed hands a few times, but always stayed close to home.

I’m lucky enough to have sat shotgun in one of Ken Block’s cars, and I calmly enjoyed every minute of it. Jay Leno riding along in the Hoonicorn is far more entertaining.

Alex Goy breaks down why the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a phenomenal car that only true track rats should own.

Did you miss some important automotive news this past week, say for example, the rumor that a special edition Ford Focus RS with MOAR POWER is in the works? Well, Derek D at Fast Lane Daily will get you all caught up on that ridiculous bit of information and much more!



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