Tyler Hoover Joins AutoTempest For a Chat On Car Trek
Chris Teague March 17, 2021

With more Car Trek well on its way, we thought we’d take another chance to chase down one of the presenters for a Q&A. Following our quick chat with Ed Bolian earlier this year, we caught up with Tyler Hoover to ask the same questions. We’ll find Tavarish eventually, but in the meantime, here’s Hoovie.

What has been your most memorable moment filming Car Trek?

Other than nearly drowning  in a lake during Car Trek 3, the moment most seared in my mind (not due to trauma) is filming the ending sequence of Car Trek 2 on the outskirts of Las Vegas. After watching the sunset on the Vegas skyline after we had just pulled off a great adventure, I felt sort of like Danny Ocean in Ocean’s 11, except for the lack of millions of dollars in my pocket.

What have you learned during filming that you think will influence how you work with cars going forward?

I had never put much thought into production value before with my YouTube channel, as I always thought the story/content was more important than the quality when it comes to YouTube. Working with some real perfectionists here on the production side, and post, with our incredible team has changed that. Yes, it takes more work, and takes way longer to film, but the end product is certainly worth the effort. The success of the series and the quality of the final product is a big source of pride with me.

If you could do anything over again about Car Trek and your participation, what would it be?

I relive the Amelia Island Concours weekend of Car Trek 1 over and over in my head regularly, because it was the last big car event I attended before Covid shut down the world. I miss gazing upon rows of amazing cars and mingling with fellow enthusiasts– without worrying about getting sick.

What has been your favorite car from the show so far?

What I just purchased for the upcoming Car Trek is by far my favorite, but otherwise, the Ferrari 360 from Car Trek 1 is hard to beat. I regret selling it, especially since they’ve shot up in value, like most exotic cars, in the past year.

Chris Teague

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