Weekend Watchlist: 9/18
Andrew Maness September 18, 2015

Jalopnik’s Michael Ballaban drove an Ariel Atom 3S, which is a recipe for entertainment of the purest kind.

Regular Car Reviews FINALLY got around to making a video with the Acura RSX, and it didn’t disappoint.

Petrolicious profiled an oddball import with a ridiculously long name, a Colt Galant GTO GSR. The usual beautiful cinematography, and high quality audio is especially welcome with this crisp example of a Japanese classic.

Alex Goy and the crack team over at XCAR wax poetic about the AMG GT S, and how the C63 S Coupe relates to it. Intercutting great driving footage with surprisingly good auto show coverage makes this video a must watch, especially if you’re a big time Benz fan.

Leno drives the coolest Celica, not to mention one of the coolest Toyotas, ever made. I wish Toyota would bring back the dragon badge, would make them remotely interesting again.

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