Wednesday Wallpaper: 1978 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 E-Rod Concept
Andrew Maness October 7, 2015

1978 Chevy Silverado 4x4

This is what happens when the mad scientists in Chevrolet’s performance division take a 1978 Silverado 4×4, and go to work creating something special for SEMA. Unveiled in 2013, this one off vehicle features a 5.3L E-Rod system which is, “an emissions-compliant powertrain package that includes an automatic-overdrive transmission, control modules, wiring harnesses and other key components all under one part number.” What that amounts to is an old truck, with new, more efficient, and environmentally friendly guts.

For those of you living in California, this is particularly good news, but even if you live in a state with relatively relaxed emissions standards, the E-Rod system is worth a look for the simple reason that it allows you to have your dirt cake, and eat it too. The 327 cu-inch setup in this truck produces 326hp, about 80 horses more than the original 1978 power plant, and it’s backed by a 24 month/50,000 mile limited warranty. If you’ve got an old project waiting for an engine swap, the E-Rod system is definitely worth a look.

Learn more about the E-Rod system.

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