Weekend Watchlist: 10/16
Andrew Maness October 16, 2015

Jalopnik scribe turned YouTube star Jason Torchinsky gets behind the wheel of a car fit for Buck Rodgers, you don’t want to miss this.

Another week, another video from The Smoking Tire with Matt Farah driving something cool and highly modified.

This isn’t just another classic 240Z, this is a Fairlady 240Z with period correct Datsun aftermarket parts on it. There are rare cars, and then there are cars like this one, the result of going down the very deep rabbit hole of vintage JDM parts.

Something a bit different from XCAR this week, no Alex Goy, no new supercars. Instead they take viewers inside Frontline Developments to see why, and how, they go about modernizing the iconic MG MGB. I can think of few cars that benefit from a restomod conversion as much as old British sports cars, and I hope to see these guys expand operations to Triumphs as well.

And rounding out our list for the week is a video from yours truly. I had an absolute blast running these vehicles around Willow Springs Raceway, and I that comes across in the video!

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