Weekend Watchlist: 11/1
Andrew Maness November 1, 2015

XCAR films are a perennial favorite here at AutoTempest, and this week’s video is no exception. Alex Goy takes three of the “villian” vehicles from the upcoming Bond film Spectre for a spin, including the stunning Jaguar C-CX75 concept. Needless to say, the results are entertaining, and will likely make you green with jealous rage.

We have a review of this very vehicle coming up, but in the meantime, enjoy Matt Farah ripping one around some Connecticut country roads.

Petrolicious pays a visit to a Norwegian enthusaist who has more project cars than he knows what to do with. A restored Mercury Cyclone is his source of relief when he needs a break from wrenching, and after watching the video, it’s easy to understand why.

Chris Harris. Ferrari 488 Spider. Enough said.

Yes, it’s a bit of a longer watch, but you really need all that time to let the ridiculousness of a 1000hp Honda Odyssey sink in. Oh, and there’s also a 1000hp 911.


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