AutoTempest Sponsors New YouTube Show “Sorted”
AutoTempest Admin November 5, 2020

AutoTempest Sponsors New YouTube Show “Sorted”

Hosts Rob Ferretti, Matt Farah and Emelia Hartford and Pro Driver Tanner Foust Search for America’s Fastest and Best Built Modified Car.

Victoria, B.C., Canada, Nov. 5, 2020 –, the powerful car shopping website that searches many top sites and compiles your results for easy browsing, has signed on as lead sponsor for a new automotive tuner-oriented YouTube show – “Sorted” – featuring co-hosts Rob Ferretti, Matt Farah, and Emelia Hartford, and also featuring pro driver Tanner Foust.

From the beginning car owners have modified their cars for many reasons, from simply customizing the appearance to heavily reworking the car to improve acceleration, top speed, handling, and overall performance. Some simply want to create a look that stands out in a crowd, while others add performance upgrades they believe will take the auto manufacturer’s original design to the next level. The quest to build the fastest car on the road or the track not only is a multi-billion dollar industry, it also is a lifestyle.

“It often starts out innocently for the owner; a couple of modifications to make the car a little better, and if you have the money it always ends up the same with every factory part on the car ultimately swapped to better performing components,” said Rob Ferretti, “Sorted” co-host, owner of Gotham Dream Cars and host of the “SuperSpeedersRob” YouTube channel and the “Super Speeders” DVD series. “Most owners are proud of their creations and confident their build is properly ‘sorted.’ Our goal was to have owners submit their cars and see how they perform and hold up to a series of track performance and streetability tests and see which one comes out on top.”

To launch the quest to find America’s fastest and best built – or sorted – modified car, the crew began accepting submissions through the Sorted website. Ferretti, Farah and Hartford evaluated approximately 180 submissions and hand selected eight entries for each of the two regional events: the East Coast Regional at Florida’s Palm Beach International Raceway and West Coast Regional at Southern California’s Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

Ferretti, Farah and Hartford give viewers and in-depth look at each car and score them on streetability before the co-hosts hand over the controls to pro race driver Tanner Foust to safely and professionally evaluate each on the track. The tests include:

• Streetability – Test each car on the road to evaluate handling, usability, and comfort.
• Straight Line Acceleration – Test acceleration from 60 to 150 mph.
• Time Attack Lap – Each car completes a full track lap from a standing start from the pits to the start/finish line.
• Hot Lap Challenge – To test endurance and reliability each car must complete track laps at race speed for 20 minutes to test endurance to see who can score the fastest average speed.

At each event the competitors are measured against production performance cars, a 2019 Chevrolet ZR1 Corvette in Palm Beach and a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at Chuckwalla. Heavily modified competitor vehicles include a twin turbo Dodge Viper ACR. a Porsche 911 Turbo, a twin turbo Audi R8 V10, several Subaru STi sedans, multiple Toyota Supras, an Audi RS5, Corvettes, a turbocharged Lexus IS300, a turbocharged Honda S2000, a turbocharged BMW, a Nissan Skyline, and a few boosted Ford Mustangs.

The East and West Coast Regional winners then compete to crown the “Sorted” winner.

“This is a really cool show, especially for people like me who are big fans of performance cars,” said Nathan Stretch, CEO and founder. “I regularly head to the track with both my S2000 and occasionally my 911 Turbo. The S2000 is the one that’s really ‘sorted’ though, so it’s actually faster through the corners! So, I’m really looking forward to seeing how these cars do against each other and the baseline GT500 and ZR1. I may be secretly rooting for the S2000 though.”

Stretch also added he supports up-and-coming auto-enthusiast programs because of their impact on today’s and tomorrow’s car culture. “To me, cars are more than daily-use appliances. Sure, you want something that gets you from A to B, but why not have something you enjoy too? I think these shows help keep that passion for cars alive, and AutoTempest can help shoppers find used cars that excite their passions.”

“Sorted” debuts on the SuperSpeedersRob YouTube channel beginning Nov. 10, 2020 with new episodes appearing on Tuesdays and Fridays. Visit the channel and subscribe for more show updates.


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