Now More Ways To Filter Your Used Car Search
Chris Teague April 8, 2021

The ability to more finely tune your used car search is a big benefit. Searching on year, make, model, or mileage are all great, but what if you’re looking for something very specific? That’s where our new used car search filters come in.


Now, located below the traditional filters for year, price, mileage, and more, you’ll notice additional filters in place. These advanced settings allow you to drill down even further to find the exact vehicle you want.



If you’re tired of seeing results from a thousand miles away, we’re here to help. We’ve added a new distance feature in your used car search that allows you to zero in on vehicles that are within a specified mileage range from your home zip code. In addition, our distance tool now allows you to search only within your state or province, further homing in on only the locations you want to see. If you’re open to almost anything, you can opt for “nationwide” or “anywhere,” which will expand the search area to your home country or anywhere a listing may appear.

Interior Color


Our first new filter relates to a vehicle’s interior color. It’s important to note that sellers classify colors differently, so you may see a brown interior grouped with others that have a tan interior, for example. You can choose multiple colors here, so if you’re looking for a specific hue, it’s best to choose it, and others similar to it, in the menu.


Number of Doors


AutoTempest now also allows filtering on the number of doors that a vehicle has in your used car search. Here’s it’s good to remember that hatchbacks, crossovers, and SUVs are sometimes classified with the rear hatch in the door count. This would make a two-door hatchback a three-door vehicle overall, and so on. To account for this, we’ve included choices for 2-3 doors, 4+, and an unspecified number of doors.


Number of Cylinders


It can sometimes be difficult to find the exact model of a widely-made vehicle, especially if it was offered with different powertrain options. Our new filter on engine cylinders will help you find the exact model you’re looking for, even if there are a handful of different engines to choose from.




If you’re like us, a used car search with a salvage title can scream “good deal,” but you really have to be looking for them to appreciate seeing them in your search results. That’s why we’ve included a new filter for vehicle title. Now, your used car search will help you find listings for vehicles with clean, salvage, or rebuilt titles. Start searching for your next project!

Chris Teague

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