New, low-cost PPF alternative for new cars!
Nathan Stretch April 1, 2022

I’m excited to announce that as of today, is launching a brand new service for new car owners.

This service is the first of its kind worldwide, and will revolutionize the paint protection industry.

I’m sure many of you know how frustrating it can be when you buy a brand new car, only to take it for a drive and end up with rock chips in the pristine paint of the front bumper, hood, or fenders. For some time it has been possible to wrap vehicles in paint protection film (PPF) in order to avoid these unsightly blemishes, and PPF options have evolved over time, to the point where today’s top-end films from Xpel, 3M and others are nearly invisible, while providing excellent protection. Unfortunately the downside of paint protection films is that they can cost thousands of dollars for the film and installation—a price that’s difficult to justify on all but the highest-end new vehicles. Fortunately, now there’s an alternative!

Attribution: Dmitry757

For the much lower price of $499, trained AutoTempest representatives will come right to your house and treat the front of your vehicle with our patent pending Rock Chip Camouflage (RCC) application. (Optionally an entire vehicle can also be treated starting at $999.) At a price that is a fraction of any professional PPF installation, we will commercially sandblast your vehicle’s paint, covering it in a uniform distribution of apparent rock chips. Any new chips you acquire on the road will blend in entirely with the tattered remnants of your original paint, making them effectively invisible.

Never again will you have to listen to a rock pinging off your bumper or hood, and flinch at the unsightly scar it will leave! You can drive gravel roads with confidence that nothing could possibly make the paint any worse. And the best part is, unlike protection films that may only last several years, this treatment is 100% permanent. Since our treatment penetrates both clear and color coats, even a respray won’t entirely remove the effect!

We are currently pre-booking via our contact page, so act fast!

Reservations are going fast, so if you miss out on this revolutionary new service, we recommend trying our used vehicle search engine at There, you can search all the major listings sites at once to find a used vehicle. And many used cars already have a few rock chips, so can avoid the pain of chipping your brand new paint without even requiring an RCC treatment (as enticing as we know it is), and save some money on the car too.

Nathan Stretch Founder & CEO

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