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October 5, 2021
Is It Safe to Buy a Used EV? premium
As more and more electric cars hit our roads, the number of opportunities to find a decent deal on a used EV is growing. Used EVs are becoming plentiful and some even look like a great deal, but is buying a used electric car a good idea? The short answer is “maybe,” because just like […]
February 13, 2019
What’s a Pre Purchase Car Inspection and Why Do You Need One? premium
  Known as a pre purchase car inspection (PPI), having a knowledgeable and independent third party check out a used vehicle before buying is one of the best decisions that can be made, even if you’re shopping in person. Despite the fact that many of us spend a significant chunk of our time window-shopping cars […]
September 1, 2017
How To Get a Deal On A Chevrolet Camaro SS premium
For those searching for a deal on a fun car that has loads of power and makes a lot of noise, I give you the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS. These facelifted examples of the 5th Generation Camaro are just that much better looking than the 2010-2013 models and they’re packed with more standard equipment. Best of […]
Head Writer
May 20, 2016
How to Know When Someone is Desperate to Sell Their Car premium
Besides the used car search engine itself, we’ve found one of the most popular resources we offer at AutoTempest is our used car negotiation guide. We wanted to provide more content to help people find the best deals on awesome used cars, so we sought out experts in the field. One great tool we came […]
Founder & CEO
June 11, 2015
Welcome to the AutoTempest Blog. Let’s find your next car. premium
Why do we spend countless hours online looking at vehicles? Because we love them and we have a boundless curiosity for all things automotive. Why don’t we frequently buy vehicles we love? Because we want the best deal possible and feel like that deal could be just around the corner.
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